At St Catherine's we are very serious about keeping our pupils safe.  This includes the use of technology and the internet.

Our School network has built in filters which prevent pupils from accessing unsuitable or inappropriate websites.  

We have an E-Safety committee who work together to ensure that all pupils and adults are aware of their responsiblities when using the internet in school.



Below are links to the information regarding Online Safety relating to each year group:

Year 6 - Online Safety 1

Year 6 - Online Safety 2

Year 5 - Online Safety 1

Year 5 - Online Safety 2

Year 4 - Online Safety

Year 3 - Online Safety

Year 2 - Online Safety

Year 1 - Online Safety


Below are some usefull links to information for parents should you have any concerns.

CEOPS - Think you know

Think you know - Hectors World

UK Safer Internet Centre

Childnet International