Our Mission Statement and School Aims

Our Mission Statement:

St Catherine’s is a school where prayer, worship and learning are centred around the teachings of the Risen Jesus.  Together, guided by God, we are:

Inspired by the Holy Spirit we value individuality and celebrate diversity by building positive relationships within our community.

Based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, St. Catherine’s School promotes the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, emotional, creative and social development of each child, so that they realise their full potential and are well prepared for their future lives.



School Aims:

1)   To instil respect for the religious and moral values of their own and other cultures.

2)   To encourage a supportive relationship between home, school and parish.

3)   To provide a broad balanced relevant curriculum according to national standards.

4)   To provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment for all children.

5)   To encourage and provide the appropriate training for all adults involved in the education of our children.

6)   To allow all children to experience success in a variety of ways and to enjoy themselves in the learning process.


Our ultimate Aim is to help to prepare our children for the journey of life, knowing that God walks with them each step of the way.