Term Dates and School Times


8:30am                                  Pupils may arrive, but will be on playground without staff supervision.  

8:45am                                  A member of staff in on playground duty
                                                Reception children in St Francis’ class allowed into classroom.

8:55am                                  Bell is rung – all children line up and are collected by their teacher

9:00am                                  All classes should be settled in and ready for morning prayer.

9:30am                                  Registers officially close and First Day Contact implemented by School Office.

10.15am-10.30am                 KS1 break

10:35am-10.50am                 KS2 break 

12:00pm                                Lunchtime begins

12.55pm                                Lunchtime ends.

1.00pm                                  Lessons begin - registers to office.

2.40pm-3.00pm                   Assembly begins

3.10pm                                  End of day prayer and prepare for home

3.15pm                                  End of School 

St Catherine's term dates follow those set out by West Sussex County Council.  

Term Dates for 2017-18

In addition to these dates, the School has 5 Inset Dates when the school is closed to pupils for teacher training.  These dates are communicated to parents each year once they have been agreed.