Learning & the Curriculum

Rationale: A Curriculum which has breadth and balance, creativity and progression.

Our published pupil admission number (PAN) for each year group is now 30 and our school structure is that of 1 form entry with one class per year group.

We have a rotation of curriculum coverage which ensures that pupils are always presented with new content, whilst moving through a progression of skills, appropriate to their needs.

Curriculum content for each year is outlined in the Long Term Plan where subjects have been broken down into a progression of skills which will be delivered during each rotation.

Year 1 Long Term Plan

Year 2 Long Term Plan

Year 3 Long Term Plan

Year 4 Long Term Plan

Year 5 Long Term Plan

Year 6 Long Term Plan

These skills have been identified from the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, Excellence and Enjoyment, Every Child Matters and the Quality Curriculum Authority.  They provide a skeleton for the Medium Term Plans, which are created each term by the teachers.

Medium Term Plans are delivered through themes which link together with different subject skills and provide the pupil with a stimulating cohesive learning experience, which is appropriate to their ability and stage of development.

Please see individual ‘class pages’ for an outline of curriculum topics to be delivered during the Academic Year.

Year 6 - St Catherine's Class

Year 5 - St Philip's Class

Year 4 - St Therese's Class

Year 4 - St Cecilia's Class

Year 3 - St Wilfrids' Class

Year 2 - St Joseph's Class

Year 1 - St Clare's Class 

Year R - St Francis' Class


If you would like more information about the curriulcum topics please speak to the class teachers. The current National Curriculum "A guide for parents" is attached:

The new National Curriculum in Engliosh Primary Schools - A guide for parents

Other ways in which you can help your child

  • Read regularly with your child.  Share books with younger children by talking about the pictures.  Discuss storylines, characters and authors with older children.  Write a comment in his/her Reading Record – this establishes productive communication between home and school.

  • Help your child with their homework, ensuring they have a suitable space at home for working.  Ask them to explain their task to you and make sure that they are confident about it.  Offer to help when necessary and encourage them to finish the task in a way that is careful and well presented.  Ensure that homework is completed and returned to school on the day expected.  

  • PE Kit.  PLEASE ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in school every Monday and that it stays in school until Friday when it should be taken home for washing.  This is a very important point – several children missed PE sessions last term due to lack of kit and it is an expectation of the National Curriculum that all children follow a regular Physical Education Programme. 

Additional Information for Parents

Please find below links to Presentations which have been created to inform parents of our preparations for Government Regilation Tests:

Phonics Parent Information Presentation

KS2 SATs Parent Information Presentation