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Our ultimate aim is to provide our children with a curriculum which is exciting, stimulating and varied, one which inspires in them a real thirst for learning.

We are constantly reviewing and refreshing our curriculum themes and topics across the school so that the children experience learning that is broad and balanced in terms of subject knowledge, interesting and wide ranging, challenging and relevant to their needs and interests.



The latest National Curriculum (published in 2013) was received with mixed feelings across the country.  It contains a heavy amount of knowledge for schools to deliver and the expectations placed on children have been significantly raised.

At St Catherine’s we now work all of the Statutory requirements into common themes using a cross curricular approach, therefore allowing us to blend information across subject areas into one topic, eg in Literacy, the children in Upper Key Stage 2 have to be able to summarise information, so we may do this following a piece of historical research, therefore covering the Literacy and History objectives at the same time.  Our topic grids which are published online for every class will make this cross curricular approach clear.



The National Curriculum states that Reading, Writing, Maths and Science are the core subjects in the Primary Curriculum.  For us, as a Catholic school, we view Religious Education as a core subject also.  All other subjects are called ‘Foundation Subjects’ and they are: Music, Art, Design Technology, History, Geography, Physical Education and Languages.



At St Catherine’s we follow the RE programme which is ‘Come and See’ approved by the Bishop.  It follows the Liturgical Year in content and provides a sound basis for children to develop their understanding of the Church’s teaching in a range of varied and interesting ways.  RE is taught weekly and teachers take a cross curricular approach to the planning of RE.  For instance, activities may be drama based, art based or similar.  We have a specialist dance teacher who we employ to teach every year group a Liturgical Dance, therefore creating variety and interest in another dimension.


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