St Catherine's Class - Year 6

 The topic this term is going to be: "Vikings"

Pupils will be learning about:

  • Where they come from?
  • Why they raided Britain?
  • Their legacy

It would be helpful if you could talk to your child about the topic and, if appropriate, you may with to help him/her search for information at the local library or on the internet. A link to a outline of the full topic can be found the bottom of this page.


In Mathematics, the main areas to be studied this term are those which will be tested in May. Therefore, we will be covering all numerical skills, data handing, knowlege of shape and space, and the ability to apply skills within problem solving activities

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages equivalence
  • Become confident with algebra
  • Problem-solving activities

In English, the main areas of focus are those which again will be tested in May, including writing in all genres and reading for comprehension.

  • Viking myths and legends
  • Writing discussion texts - Are Viking raids acceptable?
  • Use passive voice correctly

Please encourage your child to read and write at home. Talk to them about their writing habits, encourage them to keep a daily diary or to help you write shopping lists. We want to inspire children and to help them develop positive attitudes towards all kinds of writing.

St Catherine's Class - Topic Grid - Summer 2017 second half (54kb)