St Philip's Class - Year 5

This term the topic is going to be:   "Vikings"

The children will be learning about:

  • Where they came from?
  • Why they raided Britain?
  • Their legacy

In Mathematics, we are aiming for all children in the class to be able to :

  • Calculating with time
  • Relating fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Solving 2-step word problems

In English, the main areas of focus are as follows:

  • Viking myths and legends
  • Writing discussion texts - are Viking raids acceptable?
  • Use of apostrophes
  • Revision of spelling patterns

Please encourage your child to read and write at home.  Talk to them about their writing habits, encourage them to keep a daily diary or to help you write shopping lists.  We want to inspire children and to help them develop positive attitudes towards all kinds of writing. 

St Philip's Class - Topic Grid - Summer 2017 second half (53kb)