The 'Sports Team' Newsletter


With the introduction of Mr Kirkwood to the school in September 2018, we have so far increased physical activity in curriculum, at lunchtimes and after school with a variety of clubs happening daily.  We are looking forward to progressing the schools PE and Sport, maintaining our Gold Schools Game mark and also raising our Quality Start mark.  We have also introduced Our Sporting Values, a document which every child has seen and agreed to follow, which includes a behaviour policy for representing the school at external events.  We strive towards these featured values in every day activities as well as in sport.


Welcome to our PE & Sport Newsletters (see link below) which shall be reviewing the sporting half-term.  You will find event reports written by the children, highlighting our involvement in locality sport and also in-house events that we host, other than curriculum PE.


If you are ever in school, come and visit our brand new PE display and look out for the Sporting Heroes booklet.


Each half term, this newsletter will celebrate our sporting success to stay up to date with us! 


Newsletter Autumn first half