Mon 01 Feb 2016

An "Eggcellent" Day

Posted by: sward

Pupils arrived on the morning of Monday, 1 February 2016, to find a mysterious egg had appeared on the roof of the school over the weekend.  

The Mysterious Egg

Mrs Askham called the firebrigade, who were unfortunately on a call, so Mr Seex, the School Premises Officer, managed to rescue the egg from the roof.  The Fire Brigade did arrive later and safetly removed the egg's nest.


The Fire Brigade rescue the Nest

Mrs Askham invited excited pupils and their parents into the school hall where she informed them that she had received an email from the "National Museum of Strange Objects" who had asked for a detailed account of what had happened that morning.  This job was to be handed over the the pupils as they had all been there to witness the strange event and would be completed in the form of stories and poems.