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Staff & Governors

Below are the current Staff and Governors at St Catherine's:

Leadership Team

  • Mr D Croghan

    Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Miss F McGonigle

    Deputy Headteacher/Deputy DSL


  • Mr T Langlois

    Teacher - Y6 - St Cecilia's Class

  • Mrs E Hart

    Teacher - Y5 - St Philip's Class

  • Mr D Ryan

    Teacher - Y4 - St Therese's Class

  • Mrs E Robertson

    Teacher - Y3 - St Wilfrid's Class

  • Miss L Cooper

    Teacher - Y2 - St Joseph's Class

  • Mrs K Supriyadi

    Teacher - Y1 - St Clare's Class (M-W)

  • Mrs M Gray

    Class Teacher - Y1 - St Clare's Class (Th/F)

  • Mrs S Barron

    Teacher - YR - St Francis' Class

  • Miss A Elsden

    SENCo & Inclusion Manager

Classroom Support

  • Mrs C Billington

    Teaching Assistant - Y6

  • Mrs C Sellwood

    Teaching Assistant - Y5

  • Mrs T Strudwick

    Teaching Assistant - Y4

  • Mrs J Gosden

    Teaching Assistant - Y3

  • Mrs K North

    Teaching Assistant - Y2 (W-F)

  • Mrs J Rive

    Teaching Assistant - Y1

  • Mrs O Arnold

    Teaching Assistant - YR

  • Miss A Andrews

    Teaching Assistant - YR

  • Mrs K Smith

    Pastoral Support Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant - Y2 (M&Tu)

  • Mrs A Dybowska

    SEN Teaching Assistant

  • Mr B Green

    PE & Sports Assistant

Admin Support

  • Mrs S Ward

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs L Dunford

    School Secretary

  • Mrs M Warren

    Office Assistant

Premises & Maintenance

  • Mr W Hunt

    Premises Officer

  • Mrs J Winter

    Head Cleaner

  • Miss K Hunt

    Cleaning Operative

  • Miss K Hall

    Cleaning Operative

Midday Meals

  • Mrs S Bees

    Midday Meals Supervisor

  • Mrs N Disney

    Midday Meals Supervisor

  • Ms G Fakhourji

    Midday Meals Supervisor

  • Mrs J Farley

    Midday Meals Supervisor

  • Miss K Hall

    Midday Meals Supervisor

  • Miss K Hunt

    Midday Meals Supervisor


  • Mr M Madden

    Chair of Governors

  • Ms A Camillin

    Foundation Governor

  • Mrs P Haggerty

    Foundation Governor

  • Mrs R Murphy

    Foundation Governor

  • Mr A Reynolds

    Parent Governor

  • Mrs J Baitup

    Associate Governor

  • Miss M Molloy

    Local Authority Governor