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Art & Design

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas


As a school, we believe that Art is a vital and integral part of children’s education. It provides them with opportunities to develop a range of ways in which they can share and express their individual creativity, whilst learning about and making links with a wide spectrum of different types of Art in our society. Art contributes to children’s personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. Moreover, it enables pupils to develop a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and therefore links strongly to our school values. Our focus is in developing proficiency in drawing, painting, understanding colour and shade and sculpture, with the overall aim of developing a rigorous understanding, critical awareness and inspiration of Art and Design.

Our Art curriculum develops children’s critical abilities and understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritages through studying a diverse range of male and female artists and designers throughout history. Understanding of the visual elements of Art and Design (line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape, 3D form) are developed by providing an accessible and engaging curriculum which enables children to reach their full potential. At the end of their time in our primary school, we would like our pupils to have a love of Art, an awareness of what they particularly like, an understanding of how things are created and techniques that have been used, the confidence to experiment with their own artistic skills and the ability to comment on the work of others.  

Generating a love for Art & Design

We work with community artists at every opportunity. Our latest project culminated in a wonderful creation by our Year 4 pupils consisting of origami butterflies made from hand-marbled paper being on display in a local florist as part of an 'Eggstravaganza Art Trail'. They looked fantastic and are now on display in the school hall.

A walk around our school shows our appreciation for Art with many pupil pieces on display and also a special display of the works of some of our favourite artists in the hall. We always offer an Art club for pupils to join after school and these focus on a range of different techniques across the year.

Progression of Skills

We use our Art and Design Progression of Skills document to ensure pupils are developing their skills further year-on-year.