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We value and respect each person within our school community and believe that our children can make contributions towards an ‘agreed code’ of behaviour which, in turn, enables the smooth running of our school.

In order to achieve effective teaching and learning to take place, we believe that good behaviour in all areas of school life is necessary so we aim to provide a climate where Gospel values are at the centre of all we do, where a sense of justice, tolerance and forgiveness prevail and where our children feel safe, secure and happy.

Our Mission:

St. Catherine’s is a school where prayer, worship and learning are centred around the teachings of the Risen Christ.

Together, guided by God, we are:

  •           Growing in Faith
  •           Learning for Life
  •           Aiming for Excellence

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we value individuality and celebrate diversity by building positive relationships within our community.



  • To ensure the development of the whole child to their full potential – spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically
  • To create a clear understanding of what is acceptable behaviour and attitude
  • To teach children to understand the consequences of their actions including rewards and sanctions
  • To achieve excellent standards of behaviour
  • To foster in the children positive self images so that they come to value themselves as individuals and as members of our school community
  • To have in place a clear, fair and consistent approach to behaviour management shared by all members of our school community

The role of the Class teacher:

In every class there is a behaviour ‘ladder’ and teachers use this consistently in all year groups so that children come to know and understand its purpose. Individual classes have their own bespoke systems of recognising good behaviour so that children are rewarded often – some of these include:

Marbles in a jar with extra playtime during the week

House points, stickers, visits to the Head Teacher for Gold Stickers and many more

The class teachers work in partnership with the children to establish a ‘class mission’ (rules) – this is formulated using the School Mission Statement as the foundation.

The Role of the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher:

The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher are fully involved in the management of unacceptable behaviour and the celebration of good behaviour. Children may be asked to have ‘conversations’ with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher and these may lead to specific sanctions including internal and external exclusions in serious cases. Parents, or course, would be fully involved at this stage.

NB: Exclusions must be authorised by the Headteacher.

The role of Parents/Carers:

Parents/Carers are expected to support the behaviour policy of the school. They are asked to attend meetings in school if their child’s/children’s behaviour is contrary to our expectations. They will be informed by letter or telephone of any repercussions or, indeed, if behaviours improve and remain constant.


We take a zero tolerance approach to bullying in our school community. Our Anti Bullying Policy clearly lays out our processes for dealing with bullies and supporting victims. We do, however, recognise that anyone who is proven to be bullying may need special support themselves and that will also be provided.