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The school’s Behaviour Policy reflects our distinctive ethos as a Catholic school and is linked with our Mission Statement.

We value and respect each person within our school community and believe that our children can make valuable contributions towards positive behaviour which, in turn, enables the smooth running of our school.

In order for effective teaching and learning to take place, we believe that good behaviour in all areas of school life is necessary, and so we aim to provide a climate where Gospel values are at the centre of all we do, where a sense of justice, acceptance and forgiveness prevail and where our children feel safe, secure and happy.


  • To ensure the development of the whole child to their full potential – spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically
  • To encourage a calm, secure and happy atmosphere within the school
  • To create a clear understanding of what acceptable behaviours and attitudes look like, making boundaries clear, in all aspects and areas of school life
  • To encourage independence and self-discipline so that each child learns to accept responsibility for his/her own actions
  • To ensure that classrooms are places where all pupils can learn free from disruption
  • To teach children to understand the consequences of their actions including rewards and sanctions that are fair and transparent
  • To achieve excellent standards of behaviour
  • To develop respect for people and property
  • To foster in the children positive self images so that they come to value themselves as individuals and as members of our school community
  • To have in place a clear, fair and consistent approach to behaviour management shared by all members of our school community
  • To involve parents/carers and ensure children, staff and parents have a sense of direction and feeling of common purpose
  • To model and encourage a climate of forgiveness and the importance of saying ‘sorry’
  • To teach the recognition, signs and impact of bullying, understanding that it is totally unacceptable

Our behaviour system has a progressive nature as the children grow and mature so some of the details of the rewards and consequences change across year groups.

Our Policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of pupils, staff, SLT, parents/carers and governors.

It explains - Reasons for Rewards and Sanctions – these are differentiated according to a children’s ages and stages of development – Please see Appendix 2 and 3.

It sets out our Expectations - Beyond the Classroom.

Included in the Policy is our commitment to equal opportunities and equality.

We acknowledge that for some pupils with SEND additional provision is required and that they make require bespoke systems to meet their individual needs.


We take a zero tolerance approach to bullying in our school community. Our Anti Bullying Policy clearly lays out our processes for dealing with bullies and supporting victims. We do, however, recognise that anyone who is proven to be bullying may need special support themselves and that will also be provided.

Our Pupil Behaviour Policy should be read in conjunction with the School’s Anti-Bullying Policy.