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Catholic Life

The spiritual and religious life of St Catherine's Catholic Primary School is formed around and rooted in our Mission Statement for the formation of all our pupils and as an inspiration for all who work in or visit our school.

St Catherine's is a school where prayer, worship and learning are centred around the teachings of Jesus.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we value individuality and celebrate diversity by building positive relationships within our community. 

Based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, we promote the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, creative and social development of each child, so that they realise their full potential and are well prepared for their future lives. 

We are proud that in our last inspection of Religious Education (December 2021) we were judged as an 'Outstanding' Catholic School and we strive to maintain and develop this outcome.

We are committed to the formation of the whole person through developing a rounded relationship with God recognising that life is a pilgrimage in the footsteps of Jesus.

Throughout their time at St Catherine’s pupils are given a range of opportunities to develop themselves as religious and spiritual young people who have a purpose and mission within our world of today.  Examples of these beyond the classroom include the Year 5 Residential Retreat to Arundel and the Year 6 Day Retreat where they reflect upon their time at St Catherine’s and prepare for their next step in Education. This time of reflection provides the content for their Leaver’s Liturgy.

We are a school where prayer, worship and learning are centred in the teachings of the Risen Christ. We prepare our pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives which contribute to the Common Good.

We celebrate together with our Parish Priest and Deacon, who are instrumental in working with us to ensure that pupils and staff have a good knowledge and understanding of the liturgical year. Pupils from Year 5 are paired with our new Reception children and act as ‘Guardian Angels’ providing a good model for our younger pupils. Throughout the year they work together regularly and in so doing ‘grow’ their friendships. We worship with our Deanery colleagues and peers at our Advent Liturgy at Arundel Cathedral and a Year 6 Deanery Leavers’ Mass is celebrated.

Leaders have been prompted to hear the call of God in their vocation and commitment. We seek to transform not only the individual human lives of our pupils but also, through them, the wider society in which they live.

The school is committed to working together to support others, locally, nationally and internationally.  We have an excellent working relationship with our Deanery Schools. There is a Children’s Deanery Council who meet regularly and work on shared projects. Pupils in our school have a very good understanding of the Christian responsibility to pray for and to support those who are less fortunate. Pupils work together to promote and raise funds within our community with a true sense of mission and determination to bring about change.