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Collective Worship

We encourage pupils to grow in self-understanding and develop a language of prayer through which they can express their relationship with God.

Our school environment is distinctively Catholic. We are proud to celebrate our Catholic Christian identity both in the communal areas and in each classroom. All classes have a dedicated ‘Prayer Table’ which reflects the Liturgical Season, supports their learning in RE and gives opportunities for whole class and individual prayer. Throughout the school there are a number of religious and spiritual items to engage our pupils and provide a sense of calm and give inspiration.

We are committed to providing our pupils with a never-ending invitation to develop their relationship with God.

The weekly Monday whole school Gospel Assemblies are based on the Gospel Reading of the Sunday Mass. Prior to this assembly, the pupils have been introduced to the Gospel reading in class through a combination of Lectio and Visio Divina. The whole school liturgies provide an insight into the teachings of scripture, offer opportunity for prayer and meditation and are celebrated with a hymn. The main teachings are revisited the next day in Key Stage 1 class assemblies, where the pupils, according to their age and ability, are encouraged to reflect on the message for them and its application to their lives. Their responses are hung on the class ‘Prayer Trees.’  There is a Liturgy Team, made up of pupils in Key Stage 2. One of their responsibilities is to work with key staff to reflect on the Gospel and identify key themes and to be closely involved in the Gospel Assembly through reading, leading prayer, offering reflections and drama presentations.

Leaders are committed to the continual improvement and enrichment of the prayer life and environment which supports the Church’s Liturgical calendar, its seasons, rites and symbols.

Leaders work diligently to ensure that the spiritual life of the school is at the heart of all we do. Parents and Carers are invited to join the school in many Liturgical celebrations throughout the year. These include Masses and Liturgies. The School has a dedicated ‘Spirituality Week’ each year which follows a theme e.g. Holy Week, The Resurrection, All Saints etc. Leaders are always searching for new and creative ways to present scripture. On one occasion a focus of ‘Spirituality Week’ was ‘In the Footsteps of Mary and Joseph’. After working and learning about the theme in class throughout the week, the whole school community and Parents/Carers joined in a Liturgy which began in the Hall and finished at the ‘Stable’; we remembered the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem ‘stopping’ at some of the places that would have been en route. During this journey we were reflecting, singing and praying. There was a real donkey for Mary to ride on and Joseph accompanied her!