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Home Learning

St Catherine's Remote Learning Policy


At St Catherine's we use dB Primary for all our Home Learning. Please find details of the arrangements and expectations that will be in place during periods of Home Learning.

What is it?

dB Primary is an interactive ‘learning platform’ which allows teachers to set learning tasks for children to do whilst working from home. It has a section which the children can use to communicate with their teacher and another section which allows them to communicate with their class mates. Children have the opportunity to send their completed work to their teacher who can then respond to them electronically.

Access to dB Primary can be found by clicking on the "Quicklinks" button at the top of this page.  Alternatively follow this link to the School's login page:

How should we start?

Always work through the relevant Online Safety activities before beginning to use the platform. Log in details have been sent to parents/carers via Parentmail.  

What is expected from the children?

Pupils will be expected to carry out all tasks set by the teacher: there will be a daily maths lesson (White Rose Home Learning), weekly spelling, grammar and writing tasks, a range of creative tasks and an RE task.

There are additional activities which children can choose to do – they can be found on the left hand side of the home page – indicated by the colourful bird!

The children may complete the work on paper, in an exercise book or online. If you are unsure about the best way to do this, please see the teacher’s instructions on the class page.

What will teachers do?

Teachers will set tasks each week for the children. These will be ready by 9am every Monday morning. The tasks will be monitored throughout the week and the children will receive some acknowledgement from their teacher. The teachers will give online support and guidance and will be available to answer questions raised about the learning tasks. Please note that teachers will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

How can teachers and children/families communicate?

The easiest way to do this is via the dB Primary email system which can be accessed via your child’s Home Page on the site. From here there is a choice about who to email – this could be the teacher or the children in their class. There is a whistle icon (top left corner of the Home page) – this can be used by the children or parents should you see something which makes you feel uncomfortable.


If you encounter any kind of problem along the way, you should firstly use the email facility to contact the teacher. If that doesn’t work then contact the school office between 8.30-10.30am Mon-Fri. If all else fails, please email the school office (  If you have any problems with login details, please email and we will resend them to you.  Please note: accounts will be temporarily 'frozen' if 6 or more incorrect login attempts are made.


At the end of each week, Mr Croghan and Miss McGonigle will check to see that all children have engaged in some of the home learning tasks which have been set. Should we find that children have had no engagement, we will telephone to check that all is well with your family. In the first instance the call is more of a welfare check than a learning check – we need to know that you are all well and safe. We are here to support you so please expect a call if your child/children have not been using the learning platform.

Other School Resources

In addition to dB Primary, it is suggested that the following be done on a daily basis:

  • All pupils should read (additional books have been sent home with each pupil)
  • The online Mathletics Programme is available for Year 5 and 6 -
  • Times Table Rockstars for Year 1 to 4 is available online -
  • White Rose Maths has some useful online videos and problem solving resources to support pupils' learning -

All pupil logins in are stuck in their reading records but if parent/carers have difficulty in locating them please email the school on

There are many other free online resources available to pupils - some are listed below.  It is advised that an adult chooses the activity to ensure that it is age appropriate.

English – Including Reading, Phonics & Writing

Multiple Subjects including Art, Science, Geography and RE/PSHE