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Our Mission Statement and School Aims

Growing in Faith

Our vision at St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School and all we do, and aspire to be, is centred on the love, life and teaching of Jesus, and rooted in the faith of the Catholic Church.

Aiming for Excellence

Our aim is to build a loving, happy, safe and welcoming school where everyone has the opportunity and support to recognise, celebrate and develop their God given gifts and talents, learning in a creative and friendly school family.

Learning for Life

Journeying together with each other, we work in harmony to provide outstanding Catholic Education for all our pupils preparing them to fulfil their mission to the world in which we live.

School Aims:
  1. To instil respect for the religious and moral values of their own and other cultures.
  2. To encourage a supportive relationship between home, school and parish.
  3. To provide a broad balanced relevant curriculum according to national standards.
  4. To provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment for all children.
  5. To encourage and provide the appropriate training for all adults involved in the education of our children.
  6. To allow all children to experience success in a variety of ways and to enjoy themselves in the learning process.

Our ultimate Aim is to help to prepare our children for the journey of life, knowing that God walks with them each step of the way.