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To support our Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) we have adopted the ‘Life to the Full’ resource. We believe that this structured, Catholic, modern and challenging programme addresses the needs of our pupils in terms of both spiritual and emotional growth.  We use ‘Journey in Love’ to teach sex education.

Planned weekly sessions begin with the pupils’ experiences and sensitively deal with a range of age-appropriate worldly issues regarding relationship and health education. Through the use of these high-quality resources, each class captures their learning and understanding in a class book which is full of colourful and imaginative recordings of pupil responses as well as pupil quotes which further go to show how religiously articulate our pupils can be, even when addressing delicate and complex issues. These deep and meaningful responses are an indicator that our pupils are happy, confident and secure in their personal development.

The programmes promote loving relationships and encourage pupils to use their gifts in service to others. Outlines of these programmes are shared with parents/carers so that they are aware of the areas and issues being studied in school, equipping them to further support their children at home.  Staff are well aware of the needs, circumstances and feelings of those within their classes and are thus able to subtly support and care when content being covered may trigger upset or concern.