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Religious Education

Our aim is for each pupil to develop his or her potential in a climate of joy, respect, challenge, cooperation and celebration.

We believe that every child’s RE book is special and that it serves as a record and reminder of their faith journey. We follow the ‘Come and See’ curriculum and work to ensure that planning leads to a creative and engaging learning experience. We recognise that each child is individual and because of this we work together so that choice and individualism is evident. We are passionate that any barrier, e.g. literacy skills, should not hinder a child’s learning in RE and provide the support and guidance to facilitate this. We have lots of discussion, questioning and sharing in this curriculum area which facilitates the growth of pupils’ religious literacy as well as cementing and enhancing their knowledge and understanding.

Our pursuit is for genuine excellence whilst remaining faithful to our distinctive vision and approach.

We were invited by the Diocese to trial ‘Spiritual Journaling’ across the school. This has been hugely successful and inspired many other schools to adopt this craft. The pupils show their innovative and heartfelt responses in a very personal manner. Throughout their time at the school, pupils are also engaged in Liturgical Dance each year. This provides an opportunity for children to express their spirituality through an inspired medium. The pupils welcome this time and work together to produce a dance for the whole school to celebrate. The dances are all performed for parents/carers at an end of year dance show.

By integrating their understanding of faith with their experience of the world, we aim for all our pupils to reach their potential and enrich their intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional lives.

We aim to prepare our pupils for life in the 21st century, equipping them to be resilient and active participants in building God’s kingdom. We work together to educate them so that they are able to apply their knowledge and understanding of God’s work in all they encounter in the world of both today and tomorrow. We work closely with our Deanery schools and plan and work together so that pupils have the chance to work together with peers on projects throughout the year. At the annual Diocesan ‘Good Shepherd’ celebration we praise and pray together as one with our Diocesan family.