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School Daily Routine

The School Day

8.45am-8.55am School Gates open and pupils arrive
8.55am School day starts
9.00am Morning registration and Morning prayer
9.30am Registration officially closes and First Day Contact implemented by School Office
10.00am-11.00am Staggered Morning breaks
12.00 - 12.55pm Lunchtime
1.00pm Afternoon registration
3.05pm School Gates opened to allow parents access to the playground
3.10 - 3.15pm Staggered Leave times - classes arrive at the playground at designated leave time
3.15pm - 4.00pm After school clubs


Monday - Gospel Assembly is held every Monday at 9.00 am
Tuesday - Class based Liturgy
Wednesday - EPR Class Reflection
Thursday - Celebration Assembly
Friday - Celebrating through Singing Assembly